Las Vegas Strip Wedding Chapels

Written by Charles Peacock
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Looking for Las Vegas Strip wedding chapels? If you're already in Vegas, they're not hard to find. Just cruise down the Las Vegas Strip (formally known as "Las Vegas Boulevard"), and you'll see them all over the place. Just make sure you pick up your marriage license at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau before you pop in to say "I do!"

The largest concentration of Las Vegas Strip wedding chapels is on the northern end of the Strip, closer to downtown. Tucked safely away from the towering goliaths of the newest theme casinos, these chapels are surprisingly quaint. They're just the thing to top of your Vegas vacation.

History of Las Vegas Strip Wedding Chapels

Las Vegas has been a popular destination for eloping couples since the 1920s. But when the city's popularity exploded in the days of the Rat Pack, so did its wedding industry. Celebrities began coming to Vegas to get married, and Las Vegas Strip wedding chapels began sprouting up to accommodate them (and the regular folk too).

Many of the original Las Vegas Strip wedding chapels are still standing--and still marrying couples--even today. They have been kept in perfect condition, and they accommodate thousands of weddings every week. If you find the right place, you can walk down the same aisle as some of your favorite celebrities. And who knows, maybe one will even walk in behind you with their bride-to-be?

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