Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Written by Charles Peacock
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Las Vegas wedding chapels are a common sight on the Las Vegas landscape. Driving around town in your car or limousine, they pop up in the most unexpected places. But this is Vegas, after all--where the unexpected is a part of daily life.

The last time I was in Vegas, my girlfriend and I were sitting on a corner outside of the self-proclaimed "World's Largest Souvenir Shop." (After spending an hour trying to find my way out of the place, I wasn't about to argue with them.) We needed to find a bathroom (they didn't have one inside the world's largest souvenir shop), so we looked up and down the street for a restaurant or gas station. There weren't any to be found. But there were two Las Vegas wedding chapels. We agreed that as soon as we were done finding a bathroom, we'd get married.

The Best Las Vegas Wedding Chapels
Okay, so we didn't get married. But we did have fun checking out all the best Las Vegas wedding chapels. There are all sorts around the city: small ones, big ones, even drive-in chapels. Getting married in Vegas allows you to tailor the ceremony to your own preferences, whatever they might be.

At any rate, there are some adorable wedding chapels in Vegas. Some look disturbingly like the windowless brick and mortar adult bookstores, but others have nice manicured lawns and look like a cute little church in some small eastern seaboard town. The only difference is they're surrounded by 30-story gambling palaces.

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