Las Vegas Weddings

Written by Charles Peacock
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Las Vegas weddings can be a fun, exciting, and memorable way to say "I do!" Each year, over 125,000 people tie the knot in Las Vegas, making it one of the most popular wedding destinations in the country. With its abundance of romantic wedding chapels, and its world-famous 24 hour entertainment, Las Vegas has everything you might need to make your wedding day one to remember.

If you've ever driven around in Las Vegas, you've undoubtedly seen the wedding chapels that dot every corner of town. Even if you've never been to Vegas, you've probably seen one of the famous wedding spots in a movie or on TV. And if you're like me, you've probably even joked once or twice with your significant other about just flying off to Vegas and getting married.

Are Las Vegas Weddings for You?

People think that Las Vegas weddings are only for those who have made a spur-of-the-moment decision to get hitched. But in fact, many of the weddings that take place in Las Vegas are planned far in advance. Thousands of couples also come to Vegas every year to renew their vows. And lots of people get married there, only to return every year and relive the memories of their special day.

One thing that Las Vegas can definitely say about itself is that it has something for everyone. I've been there a handful of times, with all sorts of different people, and every time I've had a blast. And it's amazing how every time you come back, you find something that you'd never seen before.

I think this is the reason why so many different types of people choose to look into Las Vegas weddings. Looking for an upscale experience? Well, Vegas certainly has every imaginable luxury. Looking for a quick weekend that will fit your tight budget? No problem--Vegas has everything.

What Can You Expect From Las Vegas Weddings?

As I've mentioned, Las Vegas is never short on options--so there are lots of different types of Las Vegas weddings. Whether you want large-scale or small-scale festivities, cozy and romantic or adventurous nuptials, everything is possible. You can get married by a priest, a pastor, a rabbi. Or if you've brought your blue suede shoes, you can even get married by the King himself: Elvis Presley (okay, maybe not the real one).

Las Vegas offers such an abundance of hotel and entertainment options that it can be the perfect place to have a wedding and honeymoon all wrapped into one! Many of the chapels who offer Las Vegas weddings also offer complete packages. They arrange a hotel, transportation, and all the details of your wedding day.

Some people spend a year planning their weddings, but in Vegas you can get someone else to do it before you even get there! Imagine flying into town (direct flights to Vegas are available from almost every major US airport), and getting picked up in a limo and taken directly to your hotel. Relax, get changed, have some drinks, and you're off again--the limo can take you directly to your lovely little Las Vegas weddings chapel!

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