Los Angeles Wedding Photographers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Finding the right wedding photographer in a large urban area like Los Angeles can be a tall order since there are so many to choose from. Weddings can be expensive affairs, and photography often claims a good chunk of the budget. It's possible with a little research, however, to find an affordable photographer who can produce quality results.

Capturing a Wedding on Film

Before surfing the Web or browsing the yellow pages, a couple must decide what type of photography service they need. The more time a photographer spends taking pictures, the more he or she will charge. It's important to distinguish what shots are mandatory, if any, and when the shots will be taken. Some couples hire a photographer just for the ceremony, and then ask guests to take pictures at the reception to save money.

Many couples like to have a video recording of the ceremony and simply ask a friend or family member to do the job. A professional videographer can also be hired to create a memorable video montage of the special day. A professional video recording will ensure proper lighting, adequate sound, and sharp focus on the momentous event.

While it may be tempting to try and save a few bucks on the photography or videography portion of the wedding budget, no one wants to end up with disappointing prints or recordings. As with all big decisions, meeting the service provider face-to-face and seeing samples of previous work will help ensure that the end result is worth the money. It might even be worth extending the budget if a sample wedding album or video truly matches a couple's vision of their own wedding mementos. It can really help to find a listing of local photographers and their quotes; some web-based services allow you to search their databases to do just this.

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