Nevada Marriages

Written by Charles Peacock
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Nevada marriages began their rise to fame back in the 1920s. It was during this decade that the neighboring state of California was faced with an apparent moral crisis: too many lovebirds were getting drunk, and then heading to city hall to tie the knot without really thinking through their decision. This was the age of Prohibition, after all, and the California government decided to take the high road and put a stop to these hasty hitches.

In the 1920s, the State of California imposed a three-day waiting period for marriage license approval. And so "quickie" Nevada marriages were born. Nevada was in the early stages of defining itself as a truly "free" state, and therefore had few restrictions on things like gambling, alcohol, and marriage. Wedding licenses in Nevada could be obtained immediately, and so eager brides and grooms from California began heading over the border to tie the knot.

Modern Day Nevada Marriages

While many of the freedoms Nevada residents enjoyed in the past (no sales tax, no speed limits, no gambling restrictions) have either been taken away or curtailed, the quickie marriage has endured. And while many other states offer immediate access to wedding licenses, the sentimental idea of getting hitched in Nevada has kept the practice extremely popular.

Over 100,000 Nevada marriages take place every year. That's not to say they all last, but the practice is clearly something that's not going to easily fade into the night. To the contrary, the popularity of getting married in Nevada has even become a global phenomenon--more and more foreigners come to Nevada every year to get married.

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