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Written by Stephanie Dula
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Music is arguably the most memorable aspect of a special event, whether it's a high school dance, intimate birthday party, or large wedding. It ties the whole function together and provides the backdrop for relaxed enjoyment. When it comes to hiring a musical act in New Jersey, those with big plans for a special occasion are wise to first book a space before shopping around for entertainment. Once a space is booked, you can then use an entertainment locator service to find DJs, live bands, photographers, limo drivers, and so on.

Scouting the location will provide much information as to what kind of entertainment provider will be appropriate. A three-piece band may not do justice to a large space, and an extensive sound system may not fit well in a more intimate space. Many people look to DJs when seeking out musical entertainment because they are generally more affordable, more compact, and offer eclectic CD collections.

Setting a Play List

When booking a DJ, it's important to not only specify must-play songs, but songs that for any reason are not appropriate. Experienced professional DJs should be able to accommodate any needs that a client may have, including music or songs that should not be played. For example, a high school dance may have special requirements of DJs, including a policy regarding songs with offensive or explicit lyrics.

Similarly, newlyweds may not want current top 40 hits played at their wedding reception where lots of different age groups will be present. The bride's grandmother will likely appreciate something different than the groom's young nephew, and a DJ will be expected to provide a little bit of something for everyone. After the musical necessities are clarified, a DJ can play songs based upon the mood of the crowd or take requests.

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