New York Wedding Photographers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Professional photographers in New York and elsewhere often disagree about which form of event photography is better: film or digital. Many use a blend of the two in order to utilize the best of both worlds, because each lends itself best to certain situations. Both types of photography and processing have their advantages and disadvantages, and both types have the potential to yield beautiful prints.

Why Digital?

Wedding photography in particular is a competitive and dynamic special event industry, with many organizations and associations for professionals. Each wedding photographer practices a certain method and style, and many of them now make use of the convenience of digital picture taking. Digital cameras offer the ability to capture an almost unlimited amount of photos, and there are other benefits as well.

Namely, digital cameras allow for pictures to be instantly viewed by the photographer. A photo of poor quality can be quickly discarded and lighting and other factors adjusted accordingly. This enables the photographer to experiment more without worrying that precious film is going to waste. Many professionals like this aspect of digital film because it allows them more freedom to make use of unconventional shooting methods.

Additionally, digital photos can be easily made into a variety of prints, including black and white, color, and specialty tones. This gives the photographer and couple more to choose from when designing the album and ordering prints. Whether a photographer shoots on film or digitally is not the most important factor in assessing ability, however. The main consideration is the quality of previous wedding work and how it fits with a couple's own style preferences.

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