Restored Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Restored vintage wedding cake toppers are an ideal choice for sentimental or stylish brides and grooms. Sentimental brides may choose restored vintage wedding cake toppers over newer pieces if the toppers are family heirlooms. Most married couples hold on to their toppers as treasured keepsakes, so if your grandparents are still together, chances are they can happily lend you their old topper!

For couples who are lucky enough to still have married parents or grandparents, this can be a lovely way of honoring their elders. It's also a way of bringing some of the good luck and longevity their parents or grandparents enjoyed to their own big day! Marriage is a family affair, and decorating your cake with vintage toppers is a way of celebrating family.

Restored Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers for Style

There's another great reason to use restored vintage wedding cake toppers: style. Vintage is hip. Older items are fabulous and unique. For certain tastes, no modern topper can compete with a strange and whimsical piece from the 1930s.

Unfortunately, old pieces don't always age as well as they should. Lace and tulle rot. Colors fade. Plaster chips or yellows. Details drop away when the paste that held them in place dries. If you want your vintage, unique wedding cake toppers to look their best, you will most likely have to restore them.

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