Romantic Las Vegas Weddings

Written by Charles Peacock
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Romantic Las Vegas weddings are something everyone has thought about at one time or another. Maybe you had a friend who got married in Las Vegas, or maybe you saw a movie where a happy couple tied the knot in Sin City. Whatever your experience has been, you've probably at least been slightly intrigued by the idea of romantic Las Vegas weddings.

A friend of mine who has been engaged for about a year recently decided with his girlfriend to call off their wedding. They were feeling rather stressed about the whole idea of planning this huge event, where all of their friends and family would be in attendance. They felt as if the wedding had become larger than their relationship--it became a burden on them, rather than something they really looked forward to.

Romantic Las Vegas Weddings Might Be the Answer

As they explained their plight to my girlfriend and me, we were saddened by their story. We knew they loved each other, and that they wanted to get married. Half-jokingly, we suggested, "Why don't you just fly to Vegas and get married?" They admitted they hadn't thought about romantic Las Vegas weddings before.

A few days later I received an email from my friend. They had decided to follow our suggestion. Without telling anyone but us (since we were the inspiration) and their parents, they flew off to Las Vegas a few weeks later and tied the knot. The pictures they sent us were adorable--two people madly in love, standing under a palm tree with huge smiles on their faces. It couldn't have been more romantic.

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