Romantic Wedding Locations

Written by Charles Peacock
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Romantic wedding locations are never hard to find. If you've done any traveling in your life, you've surely come across more than one place that struck you as a fantastic place to get married. Call me a romantic, but pretty much everywhere I go I usually find some nice spot that I think would make a lovely setting for a wedding.

A big choice you need to make while thinking about romantic wedding locations is whether or not you want to stay close to home. If you do want to stay close to home, the easy choice is your local church. But you may also know of some lovely outdoor spots that would be beautiful on your wedding day (provided that the weather cooperates).

Choosing Romantic Wedding Locations away from Home

I've always loved the idea of romantic wedding locations in another state, or even another country. There's something exciting about the idea of getting married in a far away place, where your friends and family can come and enjoy a vacation of their own in addition to attending your wedding. The trick is finding the right spot.

You might be worried about picking romantic wedding locations away from home, since it makes it more difficult for people who live near you to attend. But you must remember that your wedding day belongs to you and your future spouse. You should pick a place that you both feel comfortable with--a place that you know is going to be perfect for the day that you say "I do."

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