Sacramento Photographers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Depending on the size and type of event planned, photography styles and pricing will differ dramatically. Traditional event photography involved simple poses with certain members of family, wedding party, or other guests. Today, however, the choices are limitless when it comes to the way special events are recorded and memorialized.

Special Event Photography Styles

Many corporate events and conventions often call for specialized photos that can be used in annual reports, brochures, and other publications. Business event planners often use digital photographers who can create e-mail circulars with key photos of the big event. They can be used to promote a service or product and notify large groups of people of important company events and conventions. Being the capital city, Sacramento has more than its share of professional photo ops that require experienced photographers.

Weddings, anniversary parties, and other gatherings need quality photographers to create images that commemorate important milestones and life events. These photos will no doubt be handed down through generations and proudly displayed on walls and photo albums. A simple internet search for event photographers in Sacramento will yield plenty of results, with many options for capturing crucial moments in a ceremony or party. If you are planning to take pictures in a specific location, such as the Capitol Rose Garden or McKinley Park, you may want to find a photographer who has worked there before--they will know the best places to shoot from.

A couple and their event planner need carefully choose a style of photography with which to memorialize such precious moments. Many couples need a photographer to take control of the picture taking process, with specific instructions and a timeline for portrait posing that includes all relevant friends and family members. Others prefer a more candid approach, with a photographer simply recording events as they happen rather than guiding them.

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