Sacramento Wedding Djs

Written by Stephanie Dula
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There are plenty of resources for quality wedding entertainment and DJs in the Sacramento area, and hosts/planners are wise to thoroughly consider each candidate. Not only should a DJ fit in with the budget of an event, but the style or theme as well. There is no longer an all-encompassing style of entertainment for a wedding reception, and there are countless options to create a lasting impression.

Designing a Memorable Wedding Reception

Wedding events have evolved past standard themes and ceremonies to include a more personal approach, one that celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of the newlyweds. Since more couples now pay for their own weddings, they can create the events they want, rather than events that fulfill someone else's wishes. DJs, caterers, venues, and photographers conspire to make the day perfect for the couple and their special guests. Because of this, it can often help to work with a planning service that can help you find everything in one place, from the DJ to the photographer to the limo driver. Some services can also help you coordinate bachelor and bachelorette parties as well.

Entertainment is often the most memorable aspect of a wedding reception, and DJs often employ special tactics to jazz up their routines. Lighting effects, big screen TVs and karaoke are just a few of the elements used to make the entertainment portion of the reception unforgettable. These can often be distracting, however, and may not be suitable for simple, elegant receptions.

The song list should include a little something for everyone, including several decades of musical styles. Low-key jazz or classical is suitable for eating and mingling, and dance classics can motivate guests to get out on the dance floor. Rather than sticking to a strict song list, a DJ should be allowed to use his or her discretion and experience when choosing music to involve the crowd.

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