Sacramento Wedding Photographers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Couples in Sacramento and elsewhere use photography, videography, and slide shows creatively to celebrate the special day with friends and family. The simple act of recording the event has evolved past simple portraits and videos into a more photojournalistic approach. Great care must be taken in selecting the right wedding photographers to create quality mementos to be displayed and handed down through generations.

A Photographer's Role

Many couples employ the skills of wedding photographers and videographers long before the big day arrives. Wedding events like rehearsal dinners and receptions often feature a sentimental video montage or slide show complete with childhood pictures of the bride and groom. This is a popular way to commemorate the milestone while celebrating lasting memories.

Some couples even play the wedding video at the reception so that guests can see what they may have missed during the ceremony. Videographers also record guests' greetings and congratulations to the newlyweds, which the couple can watch later. Since many couples are too busy to talk to everyone during the reception, these recordings can serve as precious keepsakes long after the event is over.

With the advent of digital photo processing comes new ways for photographers to capture a wedding's key moments. Many photographers now offer services through which photos can be enhanced and edited to make the couple look their best. These photographers use their technical skills to achieve a glamorous, fashionable look. A photographer's portfolio should be carefully examined to make sure the style most closely fits the preferences of both bride and groom. You will want to look at more than one portfolio, so be sure to get quotes from a number of candidates. Some services can provide you with quotes of local photographers (or DJs, or limo drivers), and can be an easy way to knock out the hassle of research.

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