San Antonio Wedding Djs

Written by Norene Anderson
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In San Antonio, wedding DJs frequently need to be bilingual in order to cater to the requests of the Latino or Hispanic population. San Antonio is an historic city with many chapels and outdoor areas for wedding celebrations. Many of the receptions are held in areas separate from the location of the ceremony.

The DJ should be familiar with the regulations for music volume and equipment in the facilities used. If the reception is going to be outdoors, make sure the DJ you choose has the proper equipment for use outside. You should thoroughly discuss your plans with the DJ to determine exactly how much equipment and what type of equipment is going to be needed.

Requirements for San Antonio Wedding DJs

Some simple receptions require only a public address system to announce special events and make introductions as needed. Other receptions will include light and sound for a mobile disc jockey setup. Larger weddings and celebrations may choose to have live entertainment or karaoke. An experienced DJ can handle any of these requests.

Keep in mind that sound is going to be different outdoors than it will be indoors. If you are basing your choice of music and DJ on what you have heard inside, you may be disappointed at the production when it is performed outside. It takes special types of speakers and amplifiers to create a clear sound without the acoustic bounds of walls. Make sure the DJ has the equipment and the experience to give you an outdoor performance that will please.

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