San Francisco Photographers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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There are plenty of ways to find a reliable photographer in the San Francisco area and elsewhere. Event planners put aside a substantial portion of the overall budget for photos of the momentous occasion, convention, or conference. Choosing the right professional to capture the moment on film is a major consideration for those who want to share the event with others, whether they are future generations, clients, colleagues, or guests.

Digital Advantages

Digital photography has made it possible to affordably process shots using techniques like retouching, enhancing, and special finishes. Many professionals now specialize in this type of photography, which provides additional print choices for couples and event planners. With digital processing, elements can be easily removed from a shot, borders and captions created, and pictures can even be used in e-mail thank you notes to guests.

People also like the idea that shots can be uploaded instantly and photos ordered or printed out in less time. Some services for large conventions or conferences even provide an instant print booth that can be set up to dispense pictures at the event. People pay a small fee for a digital photo memento with the name of the event imprinted upon it.

Digital photographers differ widely in the way they produce and charge for results. Some event photographers will simply produce a CD at the end of the day with which each shot can be reviewed and ordered separately. Others, especially for weddings, will be expected to create a complete photo album of the big day that they design themselves.

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