San Francisco Wedding Djs

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The wedding entertainer often provides the organization and cohesiveness to the event and is typically the most memorable aspect of the wedding. In a large wedding supply market like San Francisco, couples and wedding planners have countless options when it comes to selecting the entertainment portion of the event. As many professionals know, an effective wedding entertainer will not only provide the music, but set the stage for the success of the entire event.

Memorable Wedding Entertainment

Hiring a DJ remains a popular choice for wedding planners who need a quality selection of music for an affordable price. They are often less expensive than live musicians and have a much broader base of songs from which to choose. While it may seem like a vast selection of CDs would ensure entertainment success, there are other functions a DJ commonly performs.

An MC or DJ will need to make announcements, for example, when it's time for the first dance of bride and groom, as well as other dances with family and wedding party members. A current trend in San Francisco and elsewhere is a return to traditional dance styles when it comes to the first dance. In fact, many couples spend a lot of time before the event taking lessons and practicing for this important and highly visible first dance.

Many DJs will be able to help plan how the first dance will be announced, when, and with what song. Many couples have very specific songs they want played, and this is to be expected, but a DJ should also be able to make suggestions. Also, it's important to know a DJ's policy on requests and whether or not he or she will take them.

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