San Francisco Wedding Photographers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Everything about weddings has changed in the last few years as many more couples look for ways to make their events more unique and personalized. Since a majority of couples now pay at least a portion of their wedding expenses themselves, the style of events and parties is now up to the bride- and groom-to-be. Gone are the days of standard white weddings and stiff traditions, as today's couples are finding alternatives that better suit their budgets and tastes.

Budget Wedding Trends

More couples in San Francisco are now turning to destination weddings when it comes to commemorating the big day. This way, a couple gets married and goes on their honeymoon all in the same trip, sometimes with no family invited. These couples often celebrate with family and friends upon return with a reception event or party.

And instead of the usual banquet halls and hotel ballrooms, many couples are now choosing to hold their wedding receptions at public gardens, parks, museums, and galleries. These venues are often cheaper to rent out than traditional venues, and provide the added charm of a memorable backdrop. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, be sure to find a photographer that is experienced in this field. The best photographers will know how to create beautiful outdoor shots, even on foggy or windy San Francisco days.

Wedding photography has also changed dramatically as couples see the benefits of creating stylized, journalistic photos rather than posed portrait-style prints. Cutting costs on professional photography services is usually not recommended, but it may be appropriate to hand out a few Polaroid or disposable cameras for guests to use. These cameras often hold the most unexpected and surprising shots of the event, and it's fun for couples to look at them on the honeymoon. However, a professional is always recommended, as is looking at multiple candidates before choosing.

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