School Photographers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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School photography is a dynamic industry of professionals who practice a range of techniques for special events, individual portraits, sports teams, classes and other types of photography. Whether it's for elementary, middle, or high school, professional school photography has the potential to be quite lucrative for those who excel at high-volume work. Many photographers of varying skill levels now offer school services in addition to other photo services.

The Need for Quality School Photography

School photography has traditionally been seen as a seasonal industry, with the bulk of the business being done for annual portraits and class pictures. Photographers now recognize it as a possibility for year-round work opportunities, especially at the high school level. Many school systems now employ professionals for special event, yearbook, and sports photography services in addition to standard seasonal portraits.

School photographers, like other professionals, have embraced the convenience and work flow of digital photography. Since school photography is generally a high-volume business with hundreds of subjects in a day's work, digital cameras have proved a valuable tool for storing a large number of photos. Schools appreciate the speed of digital processing and the option for picture CDs. Good school photographers need not only the right cameras and equipment, but attractive background materials as well.

Independent contractors who take pictures for weddings and events are often called upon to diversify with school and other types of specialized photography. Finding a professional in any location is a matter of looking through the phone book, surfing the Web, or getting recommendations from those who have recently been married. However, you will want to look at multiple candidates before choosing, so use a resource that can put you in touch with as many photographers as possible.

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