Senior Portrait Photographers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The senior portrait is the pinnacle shot of one's school career, often the final and most important yearbook photo in a student's life. With all the practicing senior photographers out there, students now have more choice than ever when it comes to portrait services. While many schools still offer senior portrait services, students often choose private studios that offer more selection in terms of props and backgrounds.

Schools differ in the way they require studios to provide photography services to students. Some schools may set up an in-house studio where all students pose for their yearbook portraits, while others may simply specify a studio where students must go to have these photos taken. Some may claim a portion of the proceeds for school programs, and use this as an incentive to get parents to buy their packages.

School Photography Trends

Professional school photographers see much potential for money to be made in this area since senior portraits are more likely to be purchased than other school portraits. However, due to the high cost of many in-school photography packages, many people are opting for independent individuals and studios to do the job. In-school services are now diversifying their products with more options for styles and techniques.

Students are the main factor in determining how their portraits will look, including black-and-white prints and special finishes. Senior portraits are no longer a standard, one-size-fits all pose with the same background and lighting. Digital photography has paved the way for exciting techniques and ease of editing senior portraits. In order to have the best or most uniques pictures, students will need to look at a number of photographers in their local area.

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