Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Unique wedding cake toppers are a fun little way to add style and originality to your wedding. Why stick with the same cheesy plastic bride and groom, when you can top your wedding cake with a piece of original art? Unique wedding cake designs and toppers can serve as a reflection of your style, your values, your passions, or even your idiosyncrasies!

There's no rule that says toppers can't be whimsical, or even a little silly. Cake toppers don't have to be stuffy or old-fashioned. They can be anything you want them to be!

Many brides dream of a romantic wedding, as beautiful as a fairy tale. Unique wedding cake toppers can add to your fairy tale wedding style. Fantasy wedding cakes and toppers are both lovely and different. Why not top your fabulous, tiered cake with swans, unicorns or fairies? What about gothic images, like crows or bats? This is your one day to make the world look and feel just the way you want it to, whether your ideal is elegant, ethereal, glamorous or gothic.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers and Restorations

Some of the most unique wedding cake toppers I have ever seen were actually vintage toppers that had been restored. When people are lucky enough to have parents who are still together and happily married, they often like to include a token from their parents' wedding in their own service. A bride might wear her mother's veil, for instance, or a groom might wear his father's cuff links from the big day.

If you would like to include a token from your parents' wedding in your own ceremony, ask your folks if they still have their wedding cake topper. Most people hold on to their toppers as keepsakes. Chances are your mom has her topper stashed away in the attic. If she's a romantic, she probably even knows exactly where it is!

Unfortunately, over time, toppers can lose their looks if stored improperly. The lace dress adorning the bride on your old-fashioned topper may have rotted away. The base may have yellowed. Fortunately, talented artists are able to restore old, unique wedding cake toppers to their original glory. The toppers will not look exactly the same, but they will retain their vintage charm with a fresh, pristine look.

Custom Made, Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

You can't get more original than custom made! You can have unique wedding cake toppers designed to match the colors of your flowers or wedding decorations. You can often have lights added, or different styles of tulle or lace. Most artists love a challenge. Email or call the artist, and you will most likely be able to order the unique topper of your dreams!

So many aspects of a wedding fade away. Flowers wilt and turn yellow. Wedding dresses and veils are pressed and put away. Candles melt, the food is eaten, and the wine is drunk. A wedding cake topper is one of the only items from your wedding that you will be able to hold onto and display. Make sure it's a beautiful one!

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