Unusual Wedding Cakes

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Most unusual wedding cakes get their character from their decorations. Unusual wedding cake decorations are the simplest and most effective tools for creating a fabulously different cake. Some unusual wedding cakes also play with the basic ingredients of the cake. The icing might be a pale pink, for instance, instead of traditional white. For the most part, however, cakes should be tiered and frosted white.

Unusual Wedding Cakes and Toppers

I think the most successful wedding cakes are the ones that focus their originality on the topper. The rest of the cake can be traditional, while the topper can be totally creative. Unusual wedding cakes with traditional tiers and unexpected toppers combine beauty with boldness, simplicity with surprise.

I like cake toppers that are whimsical and based in fantasy. A wedding is supposed to be an incredibly romantic day. It should feel like a fairy tale. Personally, I think the cake topper should reflect this.

You can choose fairy tale cake toppers or butterfly cake toppers. Adorn your cake with songbirds, dolphins or doves. Swans mate for life, making them not only a lovely but a symbolic topper. Another great choice for your cake is choosing a restored vintage wedding cake topper. Ask your parents or grandparents if they still have the topper from their wedding, and use that as a symbol of lasting love.

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