Wedding Cake Flowers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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There are four basic types of wedding cake flowers. These include edible flowers, inedible cut blossoms, artificial flower toppers and marzipan or other candy flowers. Edible flowers such as edible violets were the vogue wedding cake flowers a few years ago, but their popularity has begun to wane. As some brides might say, edible flowers are so 1998.

I prefer inedible cut blossoms to edible ones. These wedding cake flowers are bright, beautiful and full of juicy color. Unfortunately, they cannot be kept as mementoes. There are so few things one actually gets to keep from a wedding that it seems a shame to reject the quintessential wedding keepsake, the wedding cake topper.

Wedding Cake Flowers as Toppers

If you have a floral-themed wedding, consider using silk floral cake toppers instead of fresh flowers. They are just as beautiful and colorful, won't collapse during transport, and will leave you with a memento. Unique cake toppers are something you can pass down to your children or your children's children for use in the their own weddings.

The last type of wedding cake flower is the candy, frosting or marzipan flower. I think these look fabulous on the sides of a cake, but lousy on top. If you want candy flowers to read as a topper, you have to pile them about four inches high. I don't care how much of a sugar fiend you are, no one in their right mind wants to bite into four solid inches of frosting!

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