Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Wedding Invitation Etiquette 101

Here you are, engaged, picking out a site for your wedding ceremony and reception, determining how many guests you can have, and selecting bridal attendants and groomsmen. You have a thousand details to attend to, some of which sound incredibly complicated. One of the most confusing can often be deciding what to write on your wedding invitations.

Naturally, you want your invitations to reflect who you are and the type of wedding you're planning. Fortunately, selecting the card itself should be fun. You can search online and find literally hundreds of styles from which to choose. Next you have to consider what types of additional cards to include. You may, for example, have guests coming from out of town who need directions to all of the venues.

What Dictates Wedding Invitation Etiquette?

Those options can be simple compared to figuring out the wording. Today's couples often come from non-traditional families so that the common formal terminology must be revised to fit the occasion. Basically, the most important focus on wording should be about who is getting married, who is giving the wedding, and honoring those who have been there for the bride and groom.

You will find all kinds of help with this topic on the Internet. From how to include divorced and remarried parents in the introductory lines to how to word RSVP instructions, you will be able to view guidelines that will help you avoid the pitfalls and hurt feelings that can stem from a poorly worded invitation. Online invitation experts are up to date with the latest wedding invitation etiquette, and they can help you with all of these concerns so that you can honor the important people in your lives while displaying your unique personalities.

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