Wedding Invitation Rsvp

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Wedding Invitation RSVP Importance

When planning a wedding, most people look for the sites first. Reserving a church or synagogue or other venue for the ceremony and then finding a reception hall they both like gives the couple a sense of the reality of their decision to get married. Almost inevitably, the next thing to think about is the invitations. What is the right time to send them? How should they read? Who shall we invite?

Even if the wedding is planned for far in the future, the wedding invitation RSVPs are of paramount importance because who you invite and what the dinner costs represents a huge chunk of the expense of the nuptials. Some wedding dinners now run well over $100 per plate, and getting an exact count of the number of people who are coming can save the couple, or their parents, a small fortune.

Wedding Invitation RSVP Options

Today, couples can take all the worry out of dealing with returned invitations and wondering who is really coming. You can use the services of an online wedding RSVP company that will handle the whole process for you and will save you money in the bargain. Think about it. No lost RSVPs. No making list after list of who has responded. All you have to do is to follow a few simple instructions and the process will be taken care of for you.

It all starts with you picking out the level of service you want. This can include helping you with the wording for the invitations. You can have a single line printed on the bottom that tells your potential guests how to respond. That response can be making a phone call to a toll-free line dedicated to your callers. It can even be by email to your custom website that can be designed to include directions to your event and links to gift registries. The service may even include a personal call to invited guests who have not responded by the date you need to get numbers to the caterer.

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