Wedding Invitation Saying

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Add a Wedding Invitation Saying

Once you have selected the card stock, the design, and the font you want to use, you are ready to consider the wording for your invitation. This usually includes fairly common text indicating who is inviting the guests, who is getting married, and the date, time, and location of the ceremony. Additional items can also be enclosed.

For example, many couples invite more people to the wedding ceremony than they do to the reception. That means that a separate card for the reception must be included in some of the invitations. Then there's the tissue, response envelopes if needed, and even directions to the appropriate venues.

Your Wedding Invitation

There are as many types of weddings today as there are couples. From traditional, formal weddings to weddings on mountaintops, these weddings reflect the couple's unique style and personalities. One more way to express your individuality to your guests is to include a wedding invitation saying.

Wedding invitation sayings are usually no more than one or two sentences on the front of the invitation card or above the names of the couple's parents. Often these sayings reflect the relationship of the guests to the couple. For example, "Because you have been part of their lives...." They can be whimsical or romantic or even a phrase relating to the uniqueness of the wedding. These sayings add a personal note to even the most formal of invitations.

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