Wedding Reception Invitations

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Include Wedding Reception Invitations

Couples who have a large family and lots of friends can be a little overwhelmed when trying to decide who to invite to the reception based on their parents' or their own budget. It is not uncommon to have twice as many people at the ceremony itself than there are at the reception. Typical etiquette says that you can invite co-workers and other business acquaintances as well as neighbors, friends from church and school and others you care about to the ceremony. At the reception, you will want to have family and close friends and, perhaps, children.

Obviously, this means that you will need at least two different invitations, a general one for the ceremony and one for those who are also invited to the reception. Of course, you can certainly invite everyone to both events if your budget allows, but, traditionally, most couples must choose. Wedding reception invitations should be included on a separate card inserted into the packet you mail to guests.

Finding Wedding Invitations Online

More and more people are shopping for some of their wedding necessities right here on the Internet. The main reasons they do so are selection, convenience, and cost. The list of items frequently purchased online now includes invitations. The selection is enormous, and you can visit dozens of websites in an hour or so right from the comfort of your home. When you're planning a wedding, every hour of driving and running from store to store that you can avoid is a gift.

Your wedding reception invitations should be on the same stock and bear the same font and general design as your invitation card. They should also include RSVP instructions and directions to the reception venue. Many couples today elect to use online wedding RSVP companies that can provide guest management services so that invitees can respond by calling a toll-free number. These services will then track the responses and will call those who do not respond by a date you select.

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