Wedding Resources

Written by Charles Peacock
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Wedding resources are a crucial part of planning any wedding, be they big or small. Wedding resources can be found on the internet, in book shops, and through word of mouth. Let's take a look at some of the options you have for gathering information and planning your special day.

The Internet is undoubtedly one of the best (and cheapest) wedding resources out there. But you must already know that, since you've found this website! Look around a bit, and you'll find plenty of information on planning a wedding; from buying dresses to reserving a wedding location.

Other Wedding Resources

One of the wedding resources that many people find helpful is that plethora of wedding magazines available at your local bookstore. These magazines cover every style and price range, and include article which can help you with everything from finding a ring to picking the right caterer. In addition to magazines, you can find quite a few books dedicated to the art of wedding planning. And don't be afraid to browse--just scanning through these books will undoubtedly give you tons of ideas.

One last wedding resource you might want to consider is also completely free. And that is the resource of your friends and family. You've probably been to a few weddings in your life, and of course so have your loved ones. Picking their brains about the dos and don'ts of wedding planning will undoubtedly give you a few ideas you probably wouldn't have otherwise thought of.

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