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Astrology Aquarius

Written by Jen Nichol
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Your astrology Aquarius reading will be unique to you and reflect not only the cause and effect of the choices you have made, but will also give you a sound roadmap to the future. I cannot stress enough how valuable it is to see, clearly, the cycles we have been creating and re-creating over and over. We cannot break free from a pattern unless we are aware of both the pattern and its effects.

You and your astrology Aquarius reading are akin to an explorer and his map. You may be entering new territory, but you can know you are being divinely guided. The cycles of planetary motion reflect our own life cycles, and we can be unerringly guided by our astrological knowledge.

Your Astrology Aquarius Reading Provides Understanding of the Past and Wisdom for the Future

Once you can see your past clearly, and understand what you have been doing, over and over, you can make changes in your present and future. It's easy when you can make conscious choices, with full awareness of what is driving your decision. It is through astrology and the awareness that it brings that you can truly enjoy free will!

When you can see the effect of each life choice before you make it, you will experience a new sense of control. Your life is exactly the way you have created it since birth, whether consciously or unconsciously. Now, you can begin to create the life of which you have always dreamed.

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