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Astrology Forecast

Written by Jen Nichol
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Making use of an astrology forecast allows you to take an active role in creating your own fate. This knowledge has nothing to do with predestination; instead, it's a powerful tool for self-knowledge. By understanding where your talents lie, you can create and take advantage of truly golden opportunities.

We know that everything in the universe exists and moves in cycles, from planets to behaviors to moods and growth patterns. We, as humans, reflect the same cyclical nature as the planets and seasons. By becoming aware of these cycles through an astrology forecast we can make greatly empowered decisions.

An Astrology Forecast Gives Us a Bird's Eye View of Life!

The truth is, we can see into the future, because it's often the same as our past! The same behavior patterns and choices will continue to guide us if we move through life unconsciously. An astrology forecast brings consciousness to our lives and choices; it is only then that we have free will!

Not only have we been acting out patterns from birth, but we may also have certain family tendencies. Unless we acknowledge and control the effect these have on us, we will be the ones controlled by unseen forces. A birth chart reading or other astrological reading is the best way to see clearly what we have to work with!

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