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Birthday Astrology

Written by Jen Nichol
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Understanding your birthday astrology star positions can have a dramatic impact on your life. With a natal horoscope (birth chart reading) you can see what greater influences were acting upon you at your time of coming into this world. By allowing you a bird's-eye view of your life cycles and tendencies, you are given a powerful tool with which to consciously create your life.

Your birthday astrology questions can be answered easily and effortlessly on the Internet. Every era brings with it greater capacity for self-knowledge, and we are living in a time now of unprecedented self-direction. No longer are we rigidly divided by class and the profession of our forebears; we can now take a look at our lives, tendencies, and cycles and make newer, better decisions.

Your Birthday Astrology Questions Are Valid and Important

Most of us know our "sign", but this is just the beginning. Knowing how all of the other planets and signs affect us in our own unique and particular way can offer great insight into the lives we have created, however unconsciously. Now, we can live in a state of awareness and true choice.

The planet as a whole, and our lives in particular, can seem extremely chaotic at times. It is our birthright and, additionally, our responsibility to become our best, most powerful selves. The planet needs strong, confident, self-directed individuals to lead and inspire!

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