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Written by Jen Nichol
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We have more control over our destiny than we often realize. When we begin to understand our own life cycles, we begin to see how our lives fit into the greater universal "flow". As a result, we can decide to keep swimming against the tide, as most people are doing, or we can choose to go in the direction of the current and have a chance to live our best lives.

Yes, Virginia, you are here for a reason! Unfortunately, many people never find out their true calling. Instead, many people defy their true destiny, and merely continue to create and recreate negative patterns without learning the lessons contained therein.

We all enjoy free will. However, that will becomes much more free when we have the guidance of an online private astrology reading, like a natal horoscope chart. Only when we are free of our addictions and negative tendencies, and making positive, powerful choices, can we be truly free.

Your Destiny Is in Your Hands!

When you invest in a professional astrology reading, you are giving yourself the best chance possible for personal and professional success. You can learn to surf the natural waves and rhythms of the universe. Suddenly, you and life will be moving in the same direction!

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