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Written by Jen Nichol
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It often seems that we are being bounced around by fate, but the truth is that we have created every aspect of our lives. We, as humans, tend to unconsciously create and recreate, over and over, the same destructive cycles to which we have become accustomed. Only when we identify these patterns can be break free of them, and move on to better choices and stronger direction.

All of life responds to universal rhythms and cycles. Tides, seasons, and the movement of the planets are all examples of this cosmic dance. You, too, are a reflection and embodiment of this universal flow; getting in touch with this inner guide is one of the most powerful things you can do for your life.

Our fate is the result of the decisions we make, and the decisions we make tend to be unconscious responses to fear. When we make decisions from a place of awareness, we can move from fear to love. Every aspect of our lives can be improved when we move with confidence.

Fate Is in Your Hands!

There is a plan for your life; when you are in the zone, you will encourage and inspire those around you. Living your best life is your birthright, and maximizing your potential is a blissful task. You are on the path to success!

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