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Natal Horoscope

Written by Jen Nichol
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Your natal horoscope can eliminate years of confusion and dissatisfaction with your life. By showing you how the different forces of the world have affected you your whole life and continue to affect you, you can begin to recognize your own tendencies and cycles. When you see how you have typically responded to the stresses in your life, you can see if these responses have worked for you, or if you would like to begin to proactively affect change.

The strongest life tool is awareness. We can have all the energy and enthusiasm in the world, but unless we know in which direction to apply it, we'll simply be spinning our wheels. The clear knowledge that astrology offers allows us to fast-forward into our true lives, the ones we were meant to lead.

Your Natal Horoscope Eliminates Life Confusion

So many of us desperately want to change some aspect of our lives, whether career, relationship, or otherwise. However, if we don't know why we make the choices we do, we are powerless to change them! Your natal horoscope (birth chart reading) will allow you to see why you have always done things the way you do, so that you can make stronger, better choices in the future.

Synchronistic correlations between the movement of the planets and human personalities have been noticed and researched for thousands of years. You can benefit from the studies of such minds as Ptolemy and Carl Jung. There is every reason to avail yourself of astrology and pursue self-knowledge.

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