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Natal Horoscope Chart

Written by Jen Nichol
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Your natal horoscope chart is a way of getting all of the wisdom of the universe specifically tailored to you and your life. You have certain tendencies, keep making the same types of choices, and continue to create certain cycles in your life. When you can see, clearly, what you have been creating, you can begin to take control of your present and your future.

What cycles have you been living? Are you trying to solve some personal issue by continuing to seek the same types of personal relationships over and over again? Perhaps your most important questions concern your true career path, and how you can serve yourself and the world.

Your Natal Horoscope Chart Can Answer Life-Long Questions

We all suspect that there is a better path for us. Perhaps our talents and imagination are not being fully utilized in our careers; perhaps we feel we have more to give the world, but aren't sure which way to turn. The answers certainly exist, and by having your natal horoscope chart (birth chart reading) done, you are telling the world you are ready to receive life-changing information.

The planets affect us, as do all the cycles of the universe. From tides and seasons to greater planetary movements, and, in turn, the constant motion of our solar system within the even greater universe, we are all in sync. Astrology is a tool for understanding how our own cycles fit into universal cycles.

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