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Written by Jen Nichol
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Predictions are not as dogmatic as they sound! We all have free will, but when we unconsciously live and choose the same cycles and destructive patterns over and over we begin to be "predictable". The use of an astrology forecast, such as a birth chart reading, will allow you to see what you have been doing, over and over, and why you have been doing so.

The strongest tool in the universe is awareness. Astrology is simply a tool to bring this awareness. Some latent talents need to be made real, and some negative tendencies need to be worked on, controlled, for further growth and happiness.

Astrology Allows For Powerful Predictions

There is no escaping the laws of cause and effect. Astrology brings an awareness of these laws into your life, on a very personal level. Your birth chart reading or other accurate astrology online reading will allow you to be aware of the effect as well as the cause of all of your patterns and choices.

Predictions do not take away your autonomy; instead, they grant you a greater degree of free will! No longer will you feel as if you are battling unseen forces, or living in a void. You will see just how intimately you are connected to the universe.

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