Islamic Books

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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When one refers to Islamic books, there are those taken from the religion and those about the religion. The Koran, Islam's central text, fulfills both purposes at once. On the one hand it is the most historically significant and complete work of God, and yet it also prescribes a code by which Muslims are commanded to live.

The Holy Koran is regarded as the incontrovertible word of God. As with other major religions, Islam has its share of supplemental texts as well, but it also has its unquestioned and authoritative word, which contains its full legal code as well as axioms for living a devout and purposeful life. Judaism has the Mishnah and Talmud, Christianity has the Gospels, but neither is considered the direct word of God Himself. The same holds true in Islam of haddith.

The Other Brand of Islamic Books

Then there are the books about Islam. Head to your local Borders or Barnes & Noble, and you'll find shelves upon shelves of books about modern religion. Many of these are basic guides or introductions to the principles of Islam (and other faiths), while others are comprehensively researched and argued works about the religion's impact on the world today.

There are many places to turn for Islamic books if you're looking for a more sophisticated take on the religion. You can even find the Koran online and, if you speak Arabic, study its verses for yourself. The Internet can also point you to authors, publishers, and distributors of Islamic books offline if you'd like to learn more about this important religion and its impact on the world today.

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