Islamic Dvds

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Islamic DVDs are perfect for private study, classroom lectures, or birthday and holiday gifts. There are so many prevailing stereotypes about Islam in the world today that the benefit of a well-researched and accurate video or DVD is undeniable. This is doubly true when you consider the effect that mainstream religious movies that are wildly inaccurate from an historical standpoint have on audiences around the world.

In most cases, people simply suffer from ignorance. They may have taken comparative religion classes in college and learned a thing or two about Islam only to gradually forget these lessons as more popular stereotypes of Islamic culture and belief hit the mainstream media. In other cases, though, hurtful and bigoted depictions are the result of deliberate planning by filmmakers and other artists who've been influenced by radical (and, some would argue, insane) ideologies.

Islamic DVDs Redress These Wrongs

Islamic DVDs produced by credible educational companies can go a long way in combating these ills. But how do you know whether a particular source can be trusted? Part of this is pure judgment. In other instances there are clues that what you're seeing borders more on propaganda than on historical fact.

Traditional Islam preaches a message of peace and forbearance. If the videos or DVDs you're watching are inciting and spew any type of hatred, chances are they've been produced by a fringe sect of Islam with a specific agenda. Needless to say, these do not advance the cause of peaceful Muslims seeking to undo centuries of misapprehension about their faith.

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