Book Of Mormon

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The Book of Mormon is the scripture of the Mormon faith in much the same way that the Old Testament is the definitive Word of God for Judaism. It is a record of an ancient people, descended from a prophet named Lehi who was warned by God to leave Jerusalem and journey to America. These peoples are identified as the American branch of the tribes of Israel, someday to be reunited in faith with the other tribes.

The Teachings of the Book of Mormon

Ancient prophets wrote the books that comprise this volume of Scripture over the period 600 B.C. to 400 A.D. The books were found and translated by Joseph Smith between 1823 and 1830. Published in 1830, the Book was explained as a second witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ, to be used in accord with the Bible. It clarifies some of the points found in the Bible while reaffirming the divinity of Christ and His role as Savior in the world.

A major objective in the Book of Mormon is to bring the Word of God to the tribes of Israel and to preach the concept of the restoration of the Church and eventual reunion of the tribes. Mormons believe that the revelations given to them through the prophets of their faith make God's plan clear. For Mormans, other religions have gotten away from God's vision for His Church on earth, and the Mormon Scripture is a way to bring the truth to those who have lost their direction.

By providing a chronicle of early Christian tribes in America, the Book of Mormon seeks to bring people to an understanding of God's plan for the restoration of the Church and the reunion of the tribes of Israel. According to the Book, this will occur in America, where the true Church will be established. The content of this volume is the history of the Mormon Church and the basis for their belief system.

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