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Written by Beth Hrusch
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Book of Mormon software makes it easy to research passages and study Scripture. It is also a convenient format for linking you to the resources you will need to do research on various topics of interest to the Mormon faith. The Book of Mormon is available as an online book itself, but you can also get many other related documents online, all of which complement the study of LDS Scripture.

Book of Mormon Software as a Study Aid

In addition to the actual text of Mormon Scripture, anyone who is attending seminary or preparing for mission work can find valuable resources online. Software for studying and memorizing passages can be downloaded into a computer or palm unit. This makes it possible to get help no matter where you are. From ebooks to screen savers to lesson plans for educators, downloads can provide the student of LDS theology a virtual library from which to choose information.

Some Book of Mormon software will provide the entire text of this work, but you may also find it helpful to have condensed and annotated versions, which provide more scholarly commentary for those seeking clarification of the passages. Related software might focus on different aspects of the text, such as the ancient world described in the Book, or the origins of the peoples. Primers give an introduction to the Book for those who are first-time readers.

Book of Mormon software has the potential to provide a wealth of useful information in a format that is convenient and easy to access. With it, a student of the Mormon faith can customize his own collection of resources that are ready to be brought up with just a few clicks. This makes study of sacred text more efficient by putting all needed materials in one place.

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