Lds Article Of Faith

Written by Beth Hrusch
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An LDS Article of Faith is an expression of what Mormons believe in. Joseph Smith, the modern founder of the Mormon Church, penned these Articles as a way to tell others what Mormons stand for as well as to guide Mormons themselves in the ways of the faith. There are 13 Articles in all, and each defines some aspect of the Mormon belief system.

The LDS Article of Faith as a Guide

The Articles may be described as a creed. The first Article, for instance, declares the belief of every Mormon in God the Father, Christ His Son and the Holy Ghost. From there, specific Mormon beliefs are addressed. Most of what is found in the Book of Mormon and other Mormon documents is condensed into these key ideas. A firm belief in the consequences of actions, the belief in Christ as the Savior of man, and the conviction that there are certain avenues to salvation are outlined here.

All Mormons are taught to have an understanding of each LDS Article of Faith from an early age. It is part of their training to become Mormon adults who are firmly rooted in their faith. Since evangelism is a major part of the Mormon faith, each member is expected to go out into the world and give witness to their faith. The fifth Article, for example, states that each person who is called by God through prophesy must preach the Gospel and administer all ordinances of the Church.

These Articles express Mormon beliefs that are unique to their religion. In this way, they are similar to the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament or any other creed set forth by a particular religion. An LDS Article of Faith is a spiritual guideline for the day to day life of each LDS member, and seeks to instruct him or her in how to live the faith and express it to others. Therefore, it is important for Church members to have the Articles committed to memory.

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