Lds Primary

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The LDS primary is an educational program designed for young children of elementary school age. It teaches children the basic concepts of the Mormon belief system. The primary is considered the foundation for later religious education, which takes a young person from grade school through high school seminary classes and on to preparation for mission work.

The LDS Primary Program as an Introduction

The primary classes are mandated by the Mormon Church as part of their religious education program. The purpose of primary is to introduce children to Jesus Christ and teach them His Gospel. This is done through six objectives, all of which should be met before a child leaves primary. The first objective is to teach children that they are created by God and belong to Him. The second objective is to instill a feeling of love for God and Jesus.

The third objective of LDS primary is to prepare children for baptism, and to help them recognize that baptism is a covenant with God. The fourth objective is to teach the Gospel and show children how to live by its Word. The fifth and sixth objectives are to prepare boys and girls for serving others through the priesthood and through living good lives. Introduction to Scripture reinforces these objectives and helps young children prepare for the Scripture memorization they will need to do later.

Other concepts can be incorporated into the LDS primary classes. Themes such as the Church as family, the love of Jesus for children, and the encouragement of home activities that get the family involved in the child's education are all ways to strengthen a child's faith. Songs, crafts and hands-on projects make learning fun and keep young minds interested.

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