Lds Primary Resource

Written by Beth Hrusch
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An LDS primary resource can help teachers and parents of young children organize lesson plans and put together home evenings, with the purpose of giving these children an introduction to their faith. This resource can be in the form of audio and visual tapes, craft projects, Scripture memorization software, and fun activities that are geared for young minds. Primary is the LDS child's first real introduction to the belief system that he will likely have his whole life.

The Purpose of LDS Primary Resource Material

According to the Church Handbook of Instructions, there are six objectives to primary lessons for young children. The main objective is to teach children about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. The second is to help the children realize that God and Jesus love them, and the third is to teach children about baptism. When young ones realize that they belong to God, they will see that they have a covenant with Him that they must keep.

Other objectives focus on preparing boys and girls for their roles as priests and devout members of the Mormon faith. A good LDS primary resource, designed to assist in the teaching of these principles, will be geared to the abilities and attention spans of small children who are learning these new concepts for the first time. Thus, the formats of the materials will often be such things as computer and board games, short tapes and hands-on activities.

Whatever form the LDS primary resource takes, there is one goal in mind--the training of the next generation of LDS members who understand and accept their faith, and are able to share their beliefs with others. The effectiveness of primary programs ensures that future generations will have a mastery of Scripture and a firm belief in Mormon precepts. The future of the Church is in the hands of primary teachers and the resources that help them in their task.

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