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Written by Beth Hrusch
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Learning LDS quotes from Scripture can be a challenge for any student of Mormon theology. It is, however, an integral part of religious training for Mormons. The works considered as Scripture by the Latter-day Saints contain the basis for the Mormon belief system, and a thorough knowledge of the concepts and history found within prepare LDS members for their roles as missionaries and evangelists.

LDS Quotes Contain Basic Concepts

There have been 14 presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since the time of Joseph Smith, its first president and prophet. Each one has contributed to the body of works that comprise Mormon doctrine. The messages of the presidents contain many valuable quotes that Mormons are encouraged to memorize and study, as they are often an example of how LDS beliefs address current issues and reflect the climate of the times.

Likewise, the Mormon Scriptures are heavily quoted in sermons and seminary classes. The ease with which one can recall these passages is testament to one's dedication to learning. All devout Mormons share a reverence for these LDS quotes, which form the basis for all of LDS theology. Those seeking to teach others or spread the Word to the community are asked to examine the Book of Mormon, Doctrines and Covenants and other works of Scripture.

Becoming a productive member of the faith community means more than just attending services. In the Mormon faith, it is also a matter of learning about the history and beliefs of the Church. Studying LDS quotes is a way to gain such knowledge while getting a perspective on the various people who, over the years, have formed the Church as it is today.

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