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Written by Beth Hrusch
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Online LDS resources can include anything from Scripture mastery software to forums for the discussion of faith-related issues. Websites can link LDS members to experts on a variety of subjects. Online versions of the Mormon works of Scripture make it easy to locate and study passages. In addition, links to other sites that offer study aids, ideas for groups and family time and LDS information are often found all in one place.

Some Helpful LDS Resources

Each aspect of Mormon life has its own need for resources. A prospective missionary, for example, might need to know about the training process and what he or she can expect to encounter when in their assigned area. A young LDS mother might want to find ideas on how to raise her children in accordance with Church teachings. Sites devoted to family time often include forums and chat rooms that keep moms in touch with their Church and each other.

A seminary instructor can use software that helps his students locate and memorize Scripture passages. Students can be referred to online texts of Mormon Scripture. Video and audio tapes are also useful LDS resources for families, and edited versions of many popular movies are available for family time. Commentary on Scripture by elders of the Church is available both online and in hard copy through local LDS outlets.

With a wealth of LDS resources at their fingertips, those of the Mormon faith can be assured of getting a well-rounded view of their faith, whether the goal is study or finding a fun way to involve friends and family in faith-related activities. Local sources such as schools and seminaries, Church elders and Temple are also primary sources of materials for study. Instructors can provide direction for those seeking knowledge about the Mormon faith.

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