Lds Scripture Mastery

Written by Beth Hrusch
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LDS Scripture mastery is a goal of all seminary students. In fact, the emphasis on learning Scripture is stressed long before young Mormons enter seminary. It is part of their education from an early age. Knowing the sacred texts is one of the important first steps to gaining a better understanding of the faith. In this respect, the Mormon Church is similar to all of the traditional religions of the world.

LDS Scripture Mastery Is Essential

For students and teachers of LDS Scripture, the ability to quickly and effectively quote and apply passages from sacred texts is an indication that one has studied it thoroughly. It shows an understanding that is necessary if one is to spread the Word to others, whether is be on a mission or within one's own family. Today, there are online resources that complement a course of study, and make time spent on scripture mastery more efficient.

Websites and software designed to introduce the user to memorization methods are one way to gain LDS Scripture mastery. As each person learns in a different way, there are various methods that can make passages more memorable and therefore more likely to be committed to memory. Online versions of the Book of Mormon, as well as the other books of Mormon Scripture, eliminate the need to go to the library in search of reference materials.

Without LDS Scripture mastery, passages become just words on the page, and are devoid of meaning or importance. In order to fully enter into a life of faith and appreciate the Word of God, one must become familiar with Scripture through repeated efforts. Methods of memorization help the student gain the understanding that will make him confident in his knowledge of sacred text.

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