Lds Seminary

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The LDS seminary training program prepares young men and women for their lives as active members of the Mormon faith. As such, educators in this program have need of teaching materials and resources to help them structure their classes. Seminary trains young people of high school age. Areas of study include learning Scripture and Church history, discussion of Mormon theology, and preparation for missions.

Resources for LDS Seminary

Some helpful resources are available online through LDS websites. Teachers can get linked to articles and books that provide curriculum and learning methods for teaching Scripture. The key to a grasp of Scripture is memorization. When students have access to memorization software, they often find that the process becomes quick and easy. Likewise, a teacher may want to utilize different resources such as movies and audio tapes to answer questions on a variety of topics.

Another resource is the many idea books for teachers who are looking for activities with which to convey the messages of Scripture. The concept of the activity as a tool in learning is utilized by many groups within the LDS, including Young Women/Young Men and preschool-age children's groups. Crafts, domestic arts and hands-on experiences are important tools that can be found in idea books. Song booklets, texts of actual Mormon Scripture, and tips on how link Scripture concepts to everyday life help LDS seminary teachers show their students how to live and spread their faith.

The preparation that LDS seminary students get at this stage in their lives will take them through the future. Many will go on to do missions, wherein they will be challenged to take the Word of God to people from all walks of life and many differing faiths. Creative learning materials can make the difference between a cursory understanding of critical concepts and one that allows the confidence of conviction necessary to go out into the world and teach others.

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