Lds Youth

Written by Beth Hrusch
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LDS youth are considered to be one of the greatest assets of the Mormon Church. It is for this reason that many doctrines and programs within the Church were created to address the issues that face young people. The cultivation of youth is vital to the continuation of the Mormon faith in the world, and by training them and sending them out to preach the Gospel the Church is, in a way, acknowledging their value.

The Training of LDS Youth

Training of young Mormons for their roles in the Church begins at an early age. Programs that go from preschool through high school focus on the teachings of the faith and the study of Scripture. One important piece of doctrine relating to young people is For Strength of Youth, a set of standards by which young people are expected to live. This is a modern work, known by all young Mormons through their classes and seminary.

Other ways that the Church involves its youth in the teachings of the faith are through family time and youth groups, wherein young people can get together with family and friends and share in faith-related activities. By stressing the importance of family, the community shapes the character and values of its LDS youth. This, too, is part of the training process. Participating in seminary class is the culmination of basic training, and prepares young men and women to do their missions as representatives of the Mormon faith by engaging in an in-depth study of Scripture.

Many resources are available to LDS youth who seek to understand their faith and study Scripture more effectively. Being firmly rooted in the faith means that a young person can more confidently go out into the world and preach the Gospel, the role for which he or she is being groomed from childhood. Programs and doctrine that guide a young person on the journey help keep spiritual ties strong and form a connection to God that will last a lifetime.

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