Mormon Bible

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The Mormon Bible is known as the Book of Mormon, taking its name from the prophet Mormon. Those of the Mormon faith believe that he was the original author of the Book, writing it in the 4th century A.D. Joseph Smith later translated it through divine inspiration, and founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). The contents of the Book of Mormon give the background for this Church and its belief system.

The Mormon Bible--A History of Faith

Much in the same way that the Holy Bible tells the story of the peoples of God through history, the Book of Mormon tells the story of a group of Israelites who were warned by God to go to America in 600 B.C. This group, led by the prophet Lehi, became an American branch of the tribes of Israel. Like the Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon is divided into books, each one recalling the history of these ancient peoples from the time of their migration to the time that the record was revealed to Joseph Smith.

The Mormon Bible is considered to be divinely inspired in the same way that the Holy Bible is. The prophet Mormon claimed to receive his calling directly from God Himself. Thus, the Book of Mormon is one of the four books that Mormons accept as Scripture, or sacred text. While it correlates with the Holy Bible on many points, the Book of Mormon claims to contain many passages that are missing from the Bible, and it also diverges on matters of salvation, baptism and other important issues.

As the definitive Mormon version of events in ancient America, the Mormon Bible keeps company with the most sacred texts of the Mormon faith. It seeks to reconcile a belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost with the need to restore the Church back to what Mormons believe to be its original state. By recounting a history of strife between peoples, the promise of the Book of Mormon is a world of peace, where all can attain salvation.

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