Scripture Mastery

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A key factor in the teaching and learning of faith concepts is Scripture mastery. Scripture is the basis of most religions, as it forms the foundation for belief systems. Therefore, a good working knowledge of Scripture passages is essential for both students and teachers. If the meaning behind the words of Scripture are grasped, then it becomes easy to understand how those words are relevant to everyday situations. Priests, elders and rabbis regularly apply methods of learning Scripture to the task of teaching their congregations basic concepts.

The Importance of Scripture Mastery

One definition of Scripture is that it is any writing regarded as sacred by a religious group. In common usage, it refers to Christian writings. The study of Scripture has been considered an avenue to salvation since Biblical times, as it leads to an understanding that will guide one's actions in the right direction. A mastery of the Scriptures leads one to a better grasp of the lessons taught within Scripture writings and allows one to pass that knowledge along to others. This process, known as evangelizing, is considered the duty of all Christians.

Since Scripture mastery is so important, many people search for ways to effectively grasp the concepts. This includes the ability to quickly locate passages when the need arises for the right reference. This may occur in a Mormon seminary class or a Mass homily. Memorization methods help students and teachers learn passages and develop a good understanding of them. This gives the learner a better appreciation of the concepts found in Scripture.

If a believer can quickly and effectively pull Scripture from memory, then he or she can apply it to all kinds of situations both personal and professional. When a student can achieve Scripture mastery, then he or she can go out into the world with confidence in the knowledge that the Word of God is always close. As Scripture is the most important text in any religion, it stands to reason that those who profess to be believers will strive for the mastery of it.

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