Bible Study

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Why I Never Wanted to Go

Bible study used to be a source of anguish in our home as a child. Heading off to Sunday School was less than enjoyable to say the least. Getting lectured at for 90 minutes was just about the last thing a seven-year-old wanted to do on a Sunday afternoon.

As I've grown older I've noticed a lot of things have changed. The methods of bible study, especially for younger children, are far more interactive than it used to be. I truly believe this is the most effective way of helping children understand and respect Christianity.

Making Bible Study Interesting

Now truth be told, I probably did get to color some pictures out of a biblical coloring book once in a while during my youth studies. How much did that teach me about being a Christian? Unfortunately, I didn't learn a lot from the local Congregational church I attended.

One of the biggest advantages of teaching bible studies today is the number of resources teachers have at their disposal. For example, the internet is an effective forum for sharing and finding successful teaching techniques. This helps educators sift out the less effective methods and in turn, lead a more fulfilling class.

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